Correct an Incorrectly Modeled Tee

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Using AutoPIPE’s Tools> Model Consistency Check or when performing an Analysis you may encounter one or more of the the following messages:

“W726-8:  Kink in straight run of 90.0 at point ???”

“W726-170:The tee at point B19 has only two legs ”

“E801-1:   FATAL ERROR : Unstable system. Need support at node ???    Dir ?? 

One cause for the warning message is a tee that was modeled incorrectly. Navigate to the point in question for inspection and to correct the warning message.

AutoPIPE Tee should be constructed using one of two methods:

  1. The header is one segment and the branch is a separate segment.
  2. Three individual segments connected to the same point.


when coping / pasting between models only the initial paste to point is connected correctly. Any additional node points will need to be connected manually using same technique below. To find all the disconnected pairs, use AutoPIPE command, Tools> Model Options> Edit> “Coincident Node Tolerance (0- no check)” = (enter value > 0.00), and then Tools> Coincident Node Checker. A report will be displayed showing all the pairs of node point with in the tolerance values that are not connected.