Four Reasons Why Improving ISO Production Affects Your Bottom Line

The latest version of OpenPlant Modeler V8i (SELECTseries 6) allows you to produce isometrics from inside the application. Why should you care? For many reasons, but here are the top four:

1. Workflow Efficiency

Instead of creating your 3D model in one application and exporting it to another to generate you isometrics, you simply do it all in OpenPlant Modeler. This is especially effective at reducing your overall design time by reducing the time it takes to update your model and issue your isometrics. 

2. Validation

You can ensure your isometric drawings are valid right inside of OpenPlant Modeler rather than going to another application.

3. Synchronized User Experience

By generating your isometrics directly inside the design environment, you get a synchronized user experience. You are not going from one application to another with a totally different user experience which not only saves you time, it also keeps you from having to learn a different application.

4. Risk Reduction

No one likes risk. You know longer have to worry about missing isometric production deadlines due to connectivity issues by trying to transfer the 3D model over to the isometric production application.

Isometric production is an integral part of a plant design project. Saving time and reducing costs is a goal every EPC is trying to achieve. By integrating isometric generation into the design environment, OpenPlant Modeler makes it easier than ever to produce isometrics while reducing costs and saving time. Consider OpenPlant’s “ISOs from the inside” approach for results. View our Tech Talk: Generate Isometrics Directly Inside OpenPlant Modeler to learn more!