• Golder Paste Technology Chooses Bentley AutoPLANT

    8/9/2007  - Golder Paste Technology, a subsidiary of Golder Associates in Seattle WA has purchased several copies of Bentley AutoPLANT. Jason Dagget, IT manager of Golder Paste Technology said about the purchase "We decided to go with Bentley AutoPLANT over other options because of the scope and breadth of their product offerings. When is came down to it, Bentley AutoPLANT is the most respected and recognized plant…

  • Solaris Management Consultants Choose Bentley AutoPLANT

    7/5/2007 - Bentley Systems is pleased to announce the addition of Solaris Management Consultants to the AutoPLANT family. Solaris Management Consultants of Surrey, British Columbia recently purchased multiple copies of AutoPLANT software. When asked about the purchase, Vincent Chan the technical Services Director said; "We chose Bentley's AutoPLANT software over the competition because of the unparallelled functionality…

  • Welcome to the New and Improved Bentley AutoPLANT Group!

    Hi Everyone. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all of our AutoPLANT Users out there. My name is Aaron Wolfe. I am the Supervisor of the AutoPLANT 3D Technical Support Team. My team and I are going to be taking this community in a new direction. The focus will be to pass on all of the information that we have stored up, whether it is in old Service Tickets, Solutions, Technotes, FAQ's, or just in our heads, to you…

  • Common Installation Issues with AutoPLANT

    Installation Checklist

    When setting out to install AutoPLANT, there a few checks and potential issues that can be avoided with a little due diligence. The following list includes a few stones an Administrator can turn over to simplify the installation process and minimize the risk of issues with compatibility etc.


    Commonly overlooked issues that must be performed on every machine to ensure a successful…

  • Initial steps I take trouble shooting XM and v8i license issues


    Checking that you have a current license for the application you require.

    1. Login to the SelectServer XM. It will either be Deployed or Hosted. (Deployed means it has been installed on a Server within your company, Hosted means it resides on a server with Bentley Systems) If Hosted you can login by going to the following URL Http://SelectServer.bentley.com/bss/admin

    2. Once logged in click on View License File,…

  • Creating and Configuring Projects in AutoPLANT V8i


    Designate an area on the network where the AutoPLANT Project root will be created. Ensure that the user has read/write access. If possible, user should have full access to those directories. If it is necessary to have restricted security to the documents and project information, Projectwise Explorer is recommended.
    The path to the AutoPLANT project should not be overly long. Overall count of characters to…

  • Using SpecGen V8i

    Over View

    SpecGen is AutoPLANT's stand-alone application that can create/edit spec data, create/edit catalogs, and create/edit specs for AutoPLANT.  AutoPLANT uses Specs and Catalogs to create a set of data specific to a project.  With out the creation of a spec or specs with correct data the components placed in AutoPLANT may reflect the required data for the project.  And by not limiting a spec by removing unnecessary…

  • Basic Modeling in AutoPLANT

    This blog goes over some basic modeling tools and tips for AutoPLANT.  A list of the topics that are covered is given below. 

    • Before Modeling 
      • The different ways to launching AutoPLANT
        •  Icon (simplest)
        • Document Manager/Vision
      • Model Setup
      • Drawing Access Mode
      • Relationships
    • Modeling process
      • Centerline Routing
      • 2D to 3D
      • Basic Tap Port Vs. Advanced Tap Port Method
      • Assembly Manager
      • User Defined…