• What's new in Plant SELECTSupport this week...

    Hi Everyone,

    This week we have a few new offerings for you.

    First and foremost is News of the upcoming Bentley Plant User Group meeting coming up in early October, Biloxi, MS. In attendance will be Bentley Product Managers for Both OpenPlant and AutoPLANT. There will also be classes by the guys in Professional Services. Not to mention that most of us in Plant SELECTSupport will be there for at least one day as well. So…

  • What's New in Plant SELECTSupport

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you like the newly updated Plant Design and Engineering Communitiy. Much work went into organizing it more efficiently so things are easier to find when browsing.

    With the release of OpenPlant I have been busy uploading relevant technotes and FAQs.  Here is all of the latest information on OpenPlant:

    OpenPlant Wiki


    OpenPlant feature showcase

    Match Properties -

    This feature allows a User to…