• Drafting with Grid and Snaps

    It is best practice to use Grid and Snap locks when drafting. Not doing so can cause cells to arrange incorrectly (off grid) or lines to not be orthogonal.
    MicroStation offers several ways to set Locks. File menu: Settings->Locks-Full, Tools->Tool Boxes (Ctrl+T) or from the Status Bar icons (panel at the bottom of MicroStation).
    I like using the Snap and Grid icons on the Status bar. Using the Locks dialog…

  • Drawing Format Support in OpenPlant PowerPID vs AutoPLANT PID

    Hello all,

    A significant difference between AutoPLANT PID and OpenPlant PowerPID is that OpenPlant PowerPID can create both DGN and DWG deliverables. This is not a "Save as" but a real DWG format. Like the DGN format the data persist between the PID and the project.

    So if you have a need for a DGN or a DWG deliverable one tool can be used to create them in lieu of using two or more different PID design tools…

  • APPID and OPPID Drawing Data Format Differences


    All data needed for syncing to a database repository is contained in an OPPID drawing, no exchange is needed. OPPID drawings can be copied/renamed/moved without creating an exchange formatted drawing. Simply copy an OPPID drawing from one project to another, open and sync.  To accomplish this in APPID, an exchange drawing is required.


  • OpenPlant OPPID How To’s and tips

    I would like to point everyone to this BE OPPID site. We cover customization, how to and variable explanations. A majority of the posts are word documents. Any improvements/enhancements/corrections (not that there are any mistakes :) ) will be review, applied and credited to the document!
    Link to OpenPlant OPPID solutions