• Mapping OpenPlant PowerPID Properties to Plant Project Database Fields

    Hello all,

    I felt it necessary to make known the proper method of mapping properties in PowerPID to fields in the Plant Project Database tables. For the most part this is a straight forward exercise using the Bentley Class Editor and load in the mapping database after loading the OpenPlant_PID schema however for newly added properties the process may not be so clear.

    In my example I will add a new property to the EQUIPMENT…

  • Quickly Setting Element Attributes - Use in an OpenPlant PowerPID Session

    Hello all,

    I was just checking my RSS feeds from the Ask Inga Be Community and found a cool tip in regards to setting default attributes. I was thinking how could this be applied in an OpenPlant PowerPID session.

    The tip from Ask Inga - Hold down the ALT key at the same time simply pick on the in drawing element and the default attributes will be set to match that component. These include Color, Line Style, Line Weight…

  • OpenPlant PowerPID and TagSets

    TagSet annotation is now supported with the release of OPPID SS4. This enhancement allows for cell base formatting of annotation. This is useful for Equipment description annotation.

    To find out more visit this BE Community wiki post