• Featured Learning: AutoPLANT Plant Design (Imperial)

    AutoPLANT Plant Design (Imperial)

    Oct. 27-30, 2015
    Ashutosh Ojha

    This course is designed for the piping designer or drafter new to the AutoPLANT 3D Plant Design applications.

    • Using the Administrator utility the user will create a new project to collect design data from equipment and piping models.
    • Using AutoPLANT Equipment, the student defines a Work Area to include reference drawings used during placement of vessels…
  • CAD Administrators vs IT?

    Let me get one thing straight, this isn’t meant as an attack on any one group and I’m not trying to single any group out. This is just my opinion on where I think the effort and skills should come from after almost 20 years in the industry.

    I’ve always had a strong opinion when it comes to CAD Administration and Management, having been in this area now for the past 10 to 15 years, that CAD Administration and…