Featured LEARN Courses: Complete the Modeling for Piping Designers Learning Path

Plant designers and engineers who want to further continue their learning of modeling for piping design can take two more courses from Bentley and complete the “Modeling for Piping Designers” learning path.

In “Routing Pipelines and Raceway” work your way through exercises to:

  • Accelerate your pipeline routing using AutoPLANT Modeler
  • Place flanges and elbows with ease and accuracy.
  • Automatically route your pipelines saving you time and increasing your productivity.

In “Adding Pipeline Components and Piping Tools” learn how to employ AutoPLANT Modeler tools like Connectivity Checker and Assembly Manager to:

  • Add supports to your piping easily and accurately
  • Edit the size and specifications of your piping in half the time
  • Give you the confidence that your pipelines have been placed correctly


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Featured LEARN Courses: Modeling for Piping Designers Learning Path


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