Initial steps I take trouble shooting XM and v8i license issues


Checking that you have a current license for the application you require.

1. Login to the SelectServer XM. It will either be Deployed or Hosted. (Deployed means it has been installed on a Server within your company, Hosted means it resides on a server with Bentley Systems) If Hosted you can login by going to the following URL Http://

2. Once logged in click on View License File, it can be found on the lower left under License Management section. This will display all of your licenses, number of seats, and expiration date for each license. Check that you have the license you require and the expiration date. I would make note of the Applications ID located in the left hand column for the required license.


Starting and checking the License Management Tool connection.

1. The License management Tool can be started from several different places based on the applications you have. In general you can go to the Start>All Programs>Bentley>Plant v8i>Licensing>License Management Tool. For ProSteel you can go to the Start>All Programs>ProSteel>Tools>Bentley Security License Manager. If all else fails you can run a search for LicenseTool.exe.



2. Check to see if the application license is in the top window in the license Management Tool. 
3. From the menu selections click on Tools>Activation status. Note the status. 
4. From the menu selectsions click on Tools>Send Logs Now. Then repeats steps  2 & 3. 
5. From the menu selections click on Tools>Options. Check that the ServerName filed is correct. If it is a hosted SelectServer the server name will be You should have an activation key in the Site Activation Key field.

6. Click on the Test connection button. This will verify that you have a connection to the SelectServer.

If everything seems to be correct and you still are not able to license your application.  You will then need to submit a Service Ticket with Bentley Support.  The support analyst will need the following information to efficiently help you resolve the isse.

1. The application you have the license issue with as well as the version number. 
2. Whether you are Hosted or Deployed. If you are Deployed the server name. The SelectSerrver version number, this can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page when you have logged into the selectServer to view the license file.
3. Verification that you have an unexpired license on the SelectServer. 
4. Verification that you have tested the connection to the SelectServer. 
5. A screen capture of the error message if possible. 
6. A recent copy of the licdebug.log.

Generating and locating the License Debug log file. (licdebug.log)

1. Close all Bentley Applications. 
2. Attempt to load/open the application that will not license. After receiving the error close the application. 
3. Open/Load the License Management Tool. From the menu selections click on Tools>Send Logs Now. 
4. Retrive the licdebug.log from the following loaction: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\Licensing.