OpenPlant PowerPID Select series 4

Hello all,

The newest release of Bentley's OpenPlant PowerPID (Version Select series 4) is chocked full of new features and many existing features have been enhanced.

Did you know?

  • You can now right click on an off page connector and follow that connector to the "other page" and the system will also update the run properties between the pages?
  • Performance has been increased during a copy and more performance increases are due in Select series 5 as well.
  • Mass editing of properties across common and maybe not so common components is also possible via the Item Browser. The Item Browser,  a little known and underused tool within OpenPlant PowerPID, has many uses to help determine and assess relationships between components within a drawing that can prove to be invaluable.
  • Cell's that continually change graphically can now be updated globally across a file. So anytime a cell changes because of design requirements or a pesky engineer who just doesn't like the way the cell looks, you can quickly make the changes to the cell and then update existing drawings that contain that cell.
  • The conformance tools have been enhanced as well. MicroStation lines can be made OpenPlant intelligent simply by selecting the line(s) and selecting the tool. The system will prompt you for a line number and properties and then make the line an OpenPlant PowerPID process line. Better yet is that if this line had graphics in the line that represented a valve (or most any inline component) these can be conformed as well and all line breaks will be maintained.
  • In situations when a component is mirrored on a line and the association with that line is lost - simply use the edit handles and drag the component off of the line and back on again and the system will re-establish all relationships and connectivity.
  • Have you ever routed a pipeline as one class (Major) and find out later that the line should have been a different class (Minor) - well now you can simply select the line and change the class.
  • Additional relationships on components that appear in reports from Data Manager
  • pipe run to pipe run
  • reducer to pipe run
  • equipment to instrument via nozzle
  • pipe run termination class.

There are more worth investigating. Don't forget that being trained is critical to success. The power of software isn't in the box - its in the understanding of the product. Proper training is the root of all success so please inquire about Bentley direct training for OpenPlant PowerPID.

Additional resources can be found on the Wiki page in this Be Community as well as the Ask Inga Wiki located here - an excellent source for all things MicroStation. Bentley colleagues continually post valuable information on these Wiki sites - "How To" documents, white papers and other application solutions. Remember the Be Communities are only as strong as you make them. If you discover a neat tip or trick post it for all to share.


Tony DeRosa

Bentley Plant