What's New in Plant SELECTSupport

Hi Everyone,

I hope you like the newly updated Plant Design and Engineering Communitiy. Much work went into organizing it more efficiently so things are easier to find when browsing.

With the release of OpenPlant I have been busy uploading relevant technotes and FAQs.  Here is all of the latest information on OpenPlant:

OpenPlant Wiki


OpenPlant feature showcase

Match Properties -

This feature allows a User to match the properties of an existing component in the model rather than always read from the Standard Preferences tool. It can be found on the Place Component Tool in the upper-left of the dialog, as shown below.

It opens up the following dialog that allows a User to save the preferences from an existing component and update the Standard Preferences Toolbar with those settings.

 This feature mimics the FROM SETTINGS/FROM CONNECTING COMPONENT feature in the AutoPLANT Component Preferences toolbar and offers the same time-saving functionality when working on multiple lines, in multiple specs, etc.

That's all for this week. I hoped you enjoyed the first installment of the Plant Design and Engineering SELECTSupport  Blog.  I plan on making this a regular thing, so Stay Tuned! And don't hesitate to offer any suggestions or recommendations on things you'd like me to feature.