Whats in a schema name

Hello all,

I was reviewing the directory structure for OpenPlant PowerPID as well as reviewing some of the "How To" Wiki post  and noticed that some of the post were written some time back.

In some of the post the full file name of the schema was given. I got to thinking that to a new user this may lead to confusion because the schema file names change as the schema's are updated.

For example - in SelectSeries 3 the file name of the main OpenPlant PID Schema is OpenPlant_PID.01.01.ecschema.xml and in the SelectSeries 4 release the file name is OpenPlant_PID.01.02.ecschema.xml.

If a post references the full file name of the schema and was written based on the SelectSeries 3 release and you are using SelectSeries 4 product you may be confused. Rest assured the schema's are the same (except for minor differences in the content).

Breaking down the schema file name we get the following:

OpenPlant_PID - the name of the schema

01.01 - the version of the schema

ecschema - uniquely identifies the file as a Bentley OpenPlant schema

xml - is the actual file type

Typically from SelectSeries 3 and upward the schema names have not changed - the file names have. That is not to say that content has remained the same or that other changes haven't been made to the class structure , custom attributes and properties. You still need to be careful when editing the schema's - treat this the same as any customization that you do. BACK IT UP, TEST IT, TEST IT AGAIN, DEPLOY IT.


Tony DeRosa

Bentley Plant