OpenPlant PID iModelHub Technology Preview

OpenPlant PID and OpenPlant Modeler are replacing their back-end database technologies with an integration with the iModelHub.  iModelHub provides the user the ability to synchronize their graphics and data to a cloud-based managed iModel (for more information about iModelHub technology, see  This will provide not only the ability to aggregate 2D and 3D data, but gives the user the ability to visualize the iModel in the cloud, provide web reporting capabilities to replace Bentley Data Manager and OpenPlant ModelServer, and integrate with other Bentley CONNECT services.

The technology preview will allow users to see how the integration between OpenPlant PID and iModelHub functions.  In order to participate, we’ll need some information about the users that will be actively giving feedback about the functionality.  Please contact your account manager or myself ( and we will gather the required information and pass on information about how to add the iModelHub functionality to your ProjectWise project and connect to it from OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition.