Release Announcement - OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Update 2

On behalf of the OpenPlant team, it is our pleasure to announce the release of the OpenPlant CONNECT Edition Update 2 products listed below. These products are now available live on the Bentley Software Fulfillment site. Under Brand, you can select OpenPlant to see the following released products.

OpenPlant Modeler CONNECT Edition Update 2

  • Volume Tools: A Volume Tools section has been added to the iModelHub ribbon letting you Create Volumesfrom solid slabs/extrusions which can be stored and queried in the iModelHub database. Options to check/reference out components within defined volumes are available. An additional option has been added to Reference out components around an element in the model giving you the ability to view what components are around a selected component.
  • ISO Style picker now shows up out of the box
  • CONNECT licensing Integration
  • Technology Preview Features:

Tag Validation Dialog: This dialog has been added to the iModelHub Checkin/Update process and checks for duplicate tags for the components being checked in or updated to the iModelHub. It identifies the components with duplicate tags and lets you modify them then re-start the checkin process

iModelHub Workflows:

SMC components integration

Improvements in reference out, Update operations

Enhanced check out operation for WBS items

  • Consistency Manager: This new utility lets you view the database consistency between what components are placed in the 2D model vs the 3D model. It also provides options to generate and view reports of the database records stored on the iModelHub.

For further details please review the ReadMe file.

 OpenPlant Support Engineering CONNECT Edition Update 2 

  • Improved performance of existing features
  • Various defects and anomalies fixed

For further details please review the ReadMe file. 

OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 2

  • Connect To From Data Dialog: A new option has been added to view the To From data for linked connectors. When you right click on a linked connector a dialog displays the connector sequence number as well as the On and Off page information. The information for the linked connector is included in the dialog as well.
  • Deleting Page Connectors: When deleting connectors which are linked across multiple drawings, connectors on the middle page(s) cannot be deleted. A message dialog has been added informing the user of this. Upon closing the message the process is aborted.
  • Various defects and anomalies fixed
  • CONNECT licensing integration
  • Technology Preview features
    • Improved iModelHub Integration workflows

For further details please review the ReadMe file.

OpenPlant Isometrics Manager CONNECT Edition Update 2

  • New configuration UI for different output formats
  • Spool creation updates
  • Ability to launch a successfully created isometric in a DWG file format
  • CONNECT licensing integration

For further details please review the Readme file.

OpenPlant Orthographics Manager Update 2

  • The interface of the OpenPlant Orthographics Manager has been improved now listing the command structure in an options pane located on the left side of the interface.
  • Integration with common CONNECT configuration
  • Improvements in PW integration for single sign on
  • Re-symbolization of valve symbols
  • Integration with OpenPlant Project Administrator.
  • CONNECT licensing Integration.

For further details please review ReadMe file.

OpenPlant Project Administrator CONNECT Edition Update 2

  • New wizard for iModel provisioning
  • Updated schema editor
  • Integration of OpenPlant Orthographics Manager
  • Context menu added on right click on product workset names
  • User interface updates
  • CONNET licensing Integration.

For further details please review the ReadMe file.

For more information about the value of OpenPlant and the products in the OpenPlant CONNECT Edition suite, go to:


Rob Harper