How to submit ideas for OpenPlant Products

Got an idea for how to improve OpenPlant products? Share it with us. Or vote on other people's ideas.

Is there a new feature or improvement to an existing feature you would like to see us work on?  We have partnered with Aha, a third-party service, to create an ideas portal to submit, share and vote on suggestions to improve our OpenPlant products.  We love hearing your feedback and our teams working on the various OpenPlant products regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into product planning discussions. While we can’t guarantee any specific features or timelines, we will read all suggestions and respond to every suggestion that gets at least 10 votes. We may also merge and rename suggestions for clarity. Once you have voted on an idea you will automatically receive email notifications when the status of the idea changes.  We may also reach out to you during development to get feedback on designs or participate in early access beta testing.

Click here to Submit an idea

Once the OpenPlant Ideas Portal is opened you can perform the following actions:

  1. Login / Sign up to the Ideas Portal so that we can better communicate with you on the ideas you submit.
  2. Search existing ideas by entering search terms in the Search all ideas… You can also filter the ideas by the OpenPlant product you are interested in by selecting it in the FILTER BY CATEGORY section.
  3. Vote for ideas you like by clicking the VOTE button next to the idea.
  4. Create a new idea of your own by selecting the + ADD A NEW IDEA The Add idea form will be displayed and you will be prompted for the following information:
    1. In the Choose a workspace for this idea field select the product that you want to submit an idea for.
    2. Enter a one sentence summary of your idea in the Your idea Similar ideas will appear below as you type. Consider voting for them before you create a new idea.
    3. Describe how your idea should work, why it would be useful, and who would benefit from it in the Please add more details text area.
    4. Select the best entry from the How frequently will feature be used pick list to provide an indication of how often you would expect you or others in your organization to utilize this idea.
    5. Describe what kind of time savings you might expect to gain from this idea in the How much time will you save
    6. Select the best entry from the Your Industry pick list to indicate your primary industry or the most applicable industry for the idea.
    7. If you selected "Other" for the industry enter the name of the industry in the Other Industry
    8. Select Save to add the new idea.