OpenPlant PID CONNECT Edition Update 9.1

The OpenPlant product team is pleased to announce the availability of OpenPlant PID ( on the Bentley Software Downloads site. Under Brand, you can select OpenPlant to locate the OpenPlant PID product.

Here are few of the highlights of the release:

  • Various defect fixes related to synchronizing changes to PlantSight have been made to improve interoperability workflows.
  • You now have the ability to release the component tag and document instance when it is reserved on PlantSight. The following key-ins have been introduced:
    • pid component releasetags – releases component tags
    • pid model releasetags – releases the document instance
  • The File Modification Dialog that is displayed when you open a file that was copied, moved, or renamed, has been enhanced to provide better explanations of when you should select each option and the effect that each will have.
  • A New “PBS Maintenance” tab has been added to the “P&ID Document” dialog which allows you to delete unused plant breakdown structure entries found in the currently open document. To take advantage of this feature in an existing WorkSet you will need to add the following section to the “PID_DOCUMENT” class in the OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Design.01.08.ecschema.xml:

                   <Handler>  <ASSEMBLY_PATH>%BMF_ASSEMBLY_DIR%Bentley.Plant.MFBusinessKeyControlsAddins.dll</ASSEMBLY_PATH>



  • Additional maintenance key-ins have been introduced to handle special circumstances as described below:
    • pid model regenerateGUID - If you copied a PID document, opened it in a WorkSet and when prompted with the File Modification dialog mistakenly selected the wrong operation such as "The file was moved or renamed" you will end up with duplicate GUIDS on the document and components which results in sync issues.
    • pid model ReSetReservedFlag - If you wish to reuse a DGN that was synced to a previous iModel in a new iModel you should use key-in pid PlantProject reuse. If, however, that was not done prior to reusing the old DGN in a new project then use this key in to Reset the "Is Reserved" flag for the Document instance and all the Components.
    • pid plantproject reissueitwinbriefcase - If the application crashes during a sync and you get an error that your local BIM briefcase has become corrupted you can use this key-in to obtain a new one.

For further details on what was implemented in OpenPlant PID and for additional information on the release see the Readme.