I am learning Auto Plant V8i and following the Bentley Learn server Plant Design Fundamentals.

I am trying to place a pressure relief angle valve.  However I get "Unable to find any component in the current spec that match the following criteria" message.  So I added several new catalogs to my spec and populated the full range of sizes and flanged connection type since that is what I am matching on a tank, but continue to get the message.  I have even changed the connection on the equipment to try and provide what I thought the spec was requiring to make a match.  I was getting gate valves to work, now those do not even work.  So, is the program trying to match all the criteria such as: facing, the size, the rating, the stype, end condition 1, end condition 2, etc. or are there  one or two dominant criteria that will cause a match such as those fields I show in my spec section?