One PCF file per iso

Can autoplant generate 1 PCF for each iso? Currently when I extract isos from the model I get 1 PCF file for each line, what I would like to have is 1 PCF file for each iso. I am not nor do I wish to use iso stop signs in the model. I am using AutoPlant V8i SS4. 



  • After the PCF file is created it is passed to ISOGEN to create the iso. If the iso is too large to fit on one page, then ISOGEN will break it into multiple sheets. There is no way for ISOGEN to then rewrite the PCF file for each sheet created.

    The only way this is possible is to use the iso stop signs.

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  • Another option that is commonly used is to create an additional relationship in the project for Isosheet (or whatever you choose to name it). Once the relationship is created, you would use it to assign sheet numbers within your line numbers. You would also need to add it as a criteria to your naming rule when generating the iso. This way isogen would always split sheets where you want it to.

    This does allow you to control where the PCF is split, although you have to get a feel for how many components will fit on a sheet legibly.

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  • I normally split my pcf's with a relationship and I was very successful with it in the past, but I am recently trying to do this with version (SS7) with and out of the box mixed metric project with the standard default settings and I am getting errors. Can anyone verify this for me.

    I have 1 90 LR elbow with a short piece of pipe on each side. One of the pipes has a different line number. When I generate the pcf files for all I get the following error:


    Error executing script for component :
    Class = AT_PIPE; CompID = AT_IZ08833C_D