New at using the instrument loop tool

Today is the first day I delved into using an instrument loop in OPPPID. I used this page as guidance:

OPPID: How to create an instrument loop through OPPID

however, I couldn't my loop to flow so easily. I had to manual change the numbers on each instrument to match the loop number... from my understanding, once the loop is created, all instruments should auto-number and all the user has to indicate is the instrument type. This was not happening on my machine. It was then suggested that I use the second loop option, the option that allows you to select instruments you've already created and convert them into a loop.. but this seems to defeat the purpose of making a loop. I understand adding a new one or picking one up that got left out of the loop initially, but when I start the loop I would like for the instruments to auto-number. What am I doing wrong?

If the loop is not designed to auto-number, what is the purpose of the loop tool. What benefit does it offer?

  • Amber Vick,

    I have looked into the issue with the properties not cascading from the Instrument Loop component to the component instruments.

    I have logged a Service Ticket to get this resolved by our development team.

    In the interim, I have created a fix for this issue. Follow the steps below to correct this issue in your project workspace.

    1. In the Class Editor, load the OpenPlant_PID schema and supplement this with the OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Imperial schema.
    2. Locate the PLANT_AREA property. Override the property.
    3. Add a Notify Related Component of Property Value Change custom attribute. Fill it in as shown below.
    4. Repeat this for the other properties of SERVICE, SYSTEM, UNIT. Make sure to set the Related Class Property Name field to match the property being edited – SERVICE for SERVICE, SYSTEM for SYSTEM and UNIT for UNIT.
    5. Save the schema.

    Now when you edit the Instrument Loop component, the other component instruments will update. If you add additional components, they will adopt the properties.

    One issue I have seen is that if you edit the Instrument Loop and then click on one of the component instruments in the dialog the property will not update until you click on the component instrument a second time. I did test this a bit further and discovered that if you make a change to Instrument Loop, and do not click on a component instrument the instruments, when inserted DO HAVE THE CORRECT data.

    I hope this helps,

    Tony DeRosa

    Bentley Plant


    Tony DeRosa

    Senior Application Engineer

    Bentley Plant

  • Hi Tony,

    this post is quite old, but it fits to my request.

    This article describes how you can push LOOP properties to the contained instruments. This works fine, and I am pushing the number of the loop to each instrument.

    But I am now searching for a way to push information from the pipe run to the loops. Or the other way around.

    I want to have loop properties which are defined by properties of the corresponding pipeline, or Equipment.

    E.g. Pipeline/Equipment Name, Spec, Service, Medium....

    I have already done this for the instruments, but for the loops, it doesn't work.

    Did you or somebody else already tried this?