AutoPLANT Isogen mld file

Hi, I am running isogen on autoplant v8i SS4 and my BOM list is not lining up correctly. all the lines are staggered. see attachement. Below is my mld file. How do i get each column to line up with each other.

PART  QTY   SIZE         COMPONENT                                           COMPONENT        |
NO.                (INS)        DESCRIPTION                                                 CODE               |

'PT-NO'          2 R
'QTY'            8 N
'N.S.'          13 L

'ITEM-CODE'     82 L 20

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  • Hello Ken,

    I would recommend you to move the vertical lines more to the right as they define the width of the BOM in the isometric please see below image.

    Also, I get better results by using Isogen Style 3 as this Style of BOM has more layout variations and flexibility than the other so all the columns are inline with each other. You can find more information on how to configure Style 3 IsoGEN style by referring materiallistmld.ppt located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Help\Isogen\ I hope this helps.


    Dinesh Solanki