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After reading through some of the posts on schemas I am finding there are quite a few that are beneficial to our process, but in trying to change things I am finding that my schemas are named different than the ones that are presented in the posts.  For example OpenPlant_.01.04.eschema as mentioned in other posts is showing up in my files as OpenPlant_PID.01.04.eschema, therefore the supplemental schema is only giving me the option to load PID_Supplemental.  Has there been changes made in naming of schemas throughout the revision process or possibly if I add PID to the schema name will it recognize it?

  • Hello Jeremy,

    I understand your concern and maybe I can help clarify things for you.

    First let's clarify the naming/numbering of schemas.

    The main name of the schema is the first part of the file name - OpenPlant_PID, OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Imperial.

    The second part with the numbers is a version number - .01.04, .01.02 these are a part of the name but are only their as a differentiator between major releases where schema changes are made. This may be the same number across several releases.

    The next part simply denotes this is a schema unique to the Bentley applications - ecschema.

    The last part is the file extension - xml.

    When the schemas are listed in help files, documentation and in posts by Bentley colleagues they are often referred to by the first part of the name only. This is for simplicity and any specific requirement for schema version, if required, would be mentioned in the post or documentation.

    In your creation of your company standard workspace you will most often edit the following schemas:

    Project Specific: (Directly load and edit)

    • OpenPlant_PID.01.04.ecschema.xml (referred to as OpenPlant PID schema)
    • OpenPlant_PID_Supplemental_Imperial.01.04.ecschema.xml (referred to as OpenPlant PID Supplemental schema)
    • OpenPlant_Supplemental_Tagging.01.04.ecschema.xml (referred to as OpenPlant Supplemental Tagging schema or Supplemental Tagging schema)

    Project Specific: (Indirectly edited)

    • PlantProjectSchema.01.04_Autoplant_PIW.01.04.mapping.xml (referred to as the Mapping Schema)
    • PlantProjectSchema.01.04.ecschema.xml (referred to as Plant Project Schema)

    For the addition of new classes and properties or modifications to existing classes and properties you will launch the Class Editor and load the OpenPlant PID schema and then "supplement" this with the OpenPlant PID Supplemental schema.

    For modification to the tagging formats you will launch the Class Editor and load the OpenPlant Supplemental Tagging schema. (NOTE - This schema is a supplemental of the overall OpenPlant schema and could be loaded by launching the Class Editor, loading the OpenPlant schema and supplementing this with the OpenPlant Supplemental Tagging schema.)

    For mapping of classes and properties to the database you will launch the Class Editor, load the OpenPlant PID schema and then from the menu select Database Mapping > Open, and load the Mapping Schema. When this is done the system will also automatically load the Plant Project Schema.

    The other schemas are reference schemas and are not typically edited by an administrator. They are used and loaded when OpenPlant PID is launched.

    I hope you will be attending the Bentley LEARNing Conference in New Orleans in July. I will be teaching an OpenPlant PID Advanced course and will cover administration basics and more advanced configuration topics.

    I hope this helps,

    Tony DeRosa

    Bentley Plant


    Tony DeRosa

    Senior Application Engineer

    Bentley Plant

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  • Thank you Tony and Harpreet, I believe I have found that part of my problem was that my Class Editor was defaulting to C:\Program Data\Bentley\PowerPID(Select series 5)\WorkSpace\Projects|OPPowerPID_ISO\Dataset\schemas.  Not sure how that path was chosen but should be on the right track now.

    Jeremy Grove

    Mechanical Designer

    YPS Johnson Controls

  • Jeremy,

    In the Class Editor menu select Tools > Options. Click the Add... button and add the following two paths.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\PowerPID (SELECTseries 5)\PowerPID\schemas

    C:\ProgramData\Bentley\PowerPID (SELECTseries 5)\WorkSpace\OPPowerPID\schemas

    These two paths are all that is needed to have the Class Editor search and load all reference schemas.

    I hope this helps,

    Tony DeRosa

    Bentley Plant


    Tony DeRosa

    Senior Application Engineer

    Bentley Plant

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