Instrument support tee stand, graphics or units problem for metric projects

whenever I insert instrument support tee stand in Metric or Mix Metric project graphical representation of component is very small please refer attach image, else in Imperial it work fine.

Its look unit problem to draw the component

Same problem for PRESSURE TRANSMITTER – single instrument no enclose.

Please provide path forward to salve the issue.


  • Hello Yogesh,
    Could you please let me know what version you are using? As well are you using Tee Stand dialog to input stand size or values are read from specification? Could you please send me specification? It could be that data in it is incorrect. Judging from the ebs script that is used to draw Tee Stand following values could be read from spec:
    "SUPDEPTH", "SUPWIDTH", These two values are used to draw Tee Instrument Stand. Check these fields in Specification for AT_INSTTSTND component in INSTRUMENT TABLE.
    I hope this will be useful.

  • Hi Artiom J
    I am using Autoplant SS4 & default metric instrument spec i.e. Minstruments form Bentley.
    There are no AT_INSTTSTND components inside spec.
    I am using t stand dialog to input only height and width, but there are no options given for pipe diameter.
    I tried it on sample metric project also, but have same problem, but for imperial project it works fine.
    It looks there is some draw method problem in ElecSuppDraw.ebs file.
    Thanks & Regards
  • Hello, 
    Thank you for additional information it helped me to get to the point of this case. I will create a defect for this case. As for now I have tried to add additional variable to Tee Stand Definition. This is what I have reached. 

    The stand is now drawn parametric based on OD (outside diameter) value in the dialog.   

    Put ebs files from this zip package custom_instr_tee_stand.7z

    PROJECT_ROOT\Config \Modules\Instrmnt\Common\ElecMultiStndInput.ebs

    I hope this will be useful. Please let me know if you will find any bugs within this workflow. I have tested it with Imperial and Metric projects and it seems that it is working correctly. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you. 


  • Sorry for late reply, As I am on leave.

    Thanks Aritom for your prompt response
    It looks you change the input and draw method for component, Please let me know why components are not drawn by reading spec?
    As I am VB learner so, can you please tell me what should I do for other stands?

  • Hello Yogesh,
    I am not sure why stand placement in instrumentation are not specification based. But I am sure this was done intentionally, and we can say that it is working as designed.
    Please try to compare attached files with one that come out of the box and apply similar changes to other stand functions. I used Notepad ++ in VB language mode. This help to read code.
    There are bscript.chm file in program files(86)/Bentley/PlantV8i/Help folder that has detailed description of VB functions that could be used.
    As well check on ateqpcompcust.chm. This one is for Equipment, however it has a great manual of how to create custom equipment with all the steps starting from dialog creation and finishing with component drawing. Same procedures and sequence can successfully be applied within Piping module.
    Unfortunately, I am not VB expert as well and the stand modification was something that I was playing with for some time already.
    Yogesh if you will have any scripting question please fill free to share them in this forum.
    Kind Regards,