How to add Nozzle size on Isometric?

When we extract the isometric which is connected to Equipment Nozzle, normally it shows the Nozzle Tag, Nozzle Rating and Nozzle facing in continuation.

But I want to add Nozzle size as well in continuation. Can you please help me to achieve that?

We are using AutoPLANT SS4.

Thanks and Regards

Sandip Badgujar

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  • Hello Sandip,

    Could you please try following steps:
    1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Plant V8i\Modules\Base\xchg\pcf\eqpnozz.ebs.
    2. Go to Line 85 and insert the code below under the code for `// Nozzle Facing:

    `// Main_size
    status = at_Component_getstring (tempStr, compID, "NPS_MAIN") If ((status = AT_SUCCESS) And (Len(tempStr) > 0)) Then
    refText = refText + "$MAIN_SIZE " + RTrim$ (tempStr) End If

    3. Save and close the file.

    Hope this helps.

    Abhijit Bute



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