AutoPLANT exception when trying to set Component Preference by "From Component" command

We quite often use "From Compoent" command to set Component Preference in order to continue work on a pipe line. However, exception occurs, saying value is invalid. (I am doing it in SS7.)

I have narrowed it down the problem on insulation thickness field. We have make this field as a FixedList in component preferece. In order to avoid the exception, I have to set this field as FreeText now.  The strange thing is after I set it to FreeText, a value 25 will fill in as 25.000000 in Component Preference after a "From Component" command. (LUPREC is set to 4)  My guess it is these additional 6 zeros cause the exception but I don't know how to modify script and change it.

Anyone has an idea?