does any one know where i can find the Final.pos ID Text definition, i would like to know what all the numbers on the text id mean.

refer below. 

thank you 


  • Hello Kevin,

    Text Id -600 to -699 is user defined you can write query to get specific attribute in isometric backing sheet,

    add next id in position text to get those attribute.

    For more details please refer following communities link:

    Also you can achieve desired result by editing "Opcfhdr.ebs" file.

    Hope this helps. If you have any further question please do let me know.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Abhijit Bute



  • -600 Attributes -600 to -699 are for User Defined
    -700 North Arrow X-Y Position on isometric
    -702 Drawing (Sheet) Number
    -703 Number of Drawings (Sheets)
    -704 Total Weight for a Drawing
    -705 Total Fabrication Weight
    -706 Total Erection Weight
    -707 Total Offshore Weight
    -708 Flange Part Number ( Flat Spools )
    -709 Flange Rotation Angle ( Flat Spools )
    -710 Total Weight Unlisted Items
    -711 Total Weight of Pipeline
    -712 Total Wet (Full) Weight of Pipeline
    -713 Total Insulation Weight for Pipeline
    -714 C of G Position of Dry (Empty) Pipeline
    -715 C of G Position of Dry Pipeline + Insulation
    -716 C of G Position of Wet (Full) Pipeline
    -717 C of G Position of Wet Pipeline + Insulation
    -718 Total Pipeline Fabrication Weight
    -719 Total Pipeline Erection Weight
    -720 Total Pipeline Offshore Weight
    -721 Zone 1 Identifier
    -722 Zone 2 Identifier
    -723 Zone 3 Identifier
    -724 Sequence Number
    -725 Spool Weight ( Style 4 Material List )
    -726 Spool C of G Position ( Style 4 Material List )
    -727 Weld Diameter Inches ( Spools )
    -728 Spool C.L. Length
    -729 Spool Erection Factor
    -730 Pipeline Erection Factor
    -731 Weld Diameter Inches (Pipeline)
    -732 Location Point - to nearest Steelwork Stanchion
    -733 Location Point - above nearest Floor Level

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