Plantwise SS6 <> OpenPlant Model Server?

Some years back there was talk of 'Consensus Models' and extending OPMS to cover more Bentley applications instead of relying on read-only formats like i-models.

If I understood correctly, Plantwise and AXSYS saved to a separate database not OPMS repository. Is this still the case with SS6? If not, is this on the roadmap?

I would have thought that Plantwise's rules-based generative design and AXSYS simulation interface would be key to rounding out OpenPlant as a design tool by providing that all important FEED, where so much of the cost and performance of the design is defined.

The rules-based routing would be also be useful during the post-FEED stages. See GenMEP, which uses rules-based routing to ensure clash free layouts. Kind of annoying to see them market their product as cutting edge when Plantwise / D++ was probably doing this sort of thing in the plant and process world for decades.