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OP SpecGen V8i (SS6) V:

Is there a list somewhere that shows all the component bitmaps for creating new components in SpecGen Catalog editor?  Sometimes when I create new components in the catalog editor, the bitmap doesn't show up.  It's just a blank space where the bitmap should be.  I was just wondering if there was a list of all the bitmaps available?  Or, is there a way to create a new bitmap if one doesn't exist for the particular component I'm creating?

Specifically, I'm creating a catalog for some FLOWMETERS.  When I place them in my model, they come in magenta, and give me a disconnect error on the RUN_END flange.  OPM is unable to correct the disconnection error.  I think I might have some dimensions entered wrong or something, but without the bitmap, it's hard to tell what dimension should be in what column.


  • Hello Mike, 

    Thanks for posting your query on PLANT forum!

    Bitmap images are by default and there are no such provision to customize those. However you may refer below wiki article for some help. 

    By default, inside Imperial project for Non-Standard catalog, there are some data present for FLOW_METER. Believe FLANGE_RUN_END is not required. Please check by removing entries for it and update us with your feedback. 


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