List of component bitmaps

OP SpecGen V8i (SS6) V:

Is there a list somewhere that shows all the component bitmaps for creating new components in SpecGen Catalog editor?  Sometimes when I create new components in the catalog editor, the bitmap doesn't show up.  It's just a blank space where the bitmap should be.  I was just wondering if there was a list of all the bitmaps available?  Or, is there a way to create a new bitmap if one doesn't exist for the particular component I'm creating?

Specifically, I'm creating a catalog for some FLOWMETERS.  When I place them in my model, they come in magenta, and give me a disconnect error on the RUN_END flange.  OPM is unable to correct the disconnection error.  I think I might have some dimensions entered wrong or something, but without the bitmap, it's hard to tell what dimension should be in what column.