Instrument location codes in OPPID

Most sheet borders have letters up the sides and numbers across the top and bottom to help in locating items on the drawing. In the instrument table there is a field called 'Location Code'. Is this the intended function of this field? If not what is it for? Could it be used for this purpose?

If the answer is yes, then can OPPID be setup to automatically enter the code for an instrument (or valve) when it is placed in a drawing? Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to do (for a Bentley programmer anyway!). The user would need to define their grid and the system would have to check those coord. against the coord. of the placed item.

I looked online and I didn't see anything that addressed this that I could tell.


  • Hello,

    The Location Code field in the database is used to store the value for the instrument location based on the instrument type - Field, Control Room Panel, Back of Control Room panel etc.

    In terms of getting the border coordinates defined for components on the drawing (A2, or C3 etc.). This has been submitted as an enhancement request but is not available in the application today.

    I highly recommend you log in and submit an enhancement request. The greater number of users who ask for a feature will help Bentley to prioritize the request.

    PS -I have attempted to do this based on the current schemas and data that I can pull from a component, but have been unsuccessful in getting this to work. It will require some code to partition the drawing frame based on the border size and letter/number origin and sequence (up the side, across the top etc.)


    Tony DeRosa

    Bentley Plant 


    Tony DeRosa

    Senior Application Engineer

    Bentley Plant

  • Thanks Tony,

    There is another field named Instr_Loc, can this one be used in the interim?

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