SpecGen: Create New Catalog. Placing FLEX HOSE in OPM. Not sure which (or both) is the issue.

When I create a new catalog using the catalog editor in SpecGen, I edit the Schema, then Add Table.

At this point, do I have to select one of the table names from the drop-down list, or can I create an entirely new table?  There is nothing in the drop-down for flexible hoses.

I have been trying to create a new table, and just naming it FLEX_HOSE, but once I do that, I Select the FLEX_HOSE table, then Add new component: FLEXIBLE_HOSE

But once created, Catalog Editor creates a PIPE table, and places the FLEXIBLE_HOSE component there, and not in the FLEX_HOSE table I had previously created.

At first I just blew this off, and went through the process of building my catalog.  There are only 6 sizes, so it wasn't too much work to add all the data.  Once entered, I added the catalog to my SPEC.mdb.  Everything looked fine.

I went into my model and tried to place a Flex Hose:

and OPM said:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Rahul, before you reply and tell me to submit an SR, I am already doing it as we speak.  My intention here was to reach out to the User Community.  The fact that I even need to submit an SR just to be able to place a common component into a model is indicative of a larger problem with OPM in general, but I digress...

  • Hello Mike,

    Thanks a lot for raising SR on your concern,

    OpenPlant Modeler requires important parameters & correct table definition to be placed in OPM.

    Please refer below attached video that explains the workflow to create Flexible Hose in OpenPlant SpecGen. Attached video also explains the placement verification of flexible hose in OpenPlant Modeler.

    Regards | Deepak Singh

    Answer Verified By: Mike.McGinnis 

  • Thanks Deepak for sharing Video. 

    we may capitalize it and develop a knowledge base here so that other user should get benefit. 


    -Regards | Rahul Kumar


    Rahul Kumar

    Product Engineer – Global Technical Support | Community Moderator

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