SpecGen: Create New Catalog. Placing FLEX HOSE in OPM. Not sure which (or both) is the issue.

When I create a new catalog using the catalog editor in SpecGen, I edit the Schema, then Add Table.

At this point, do I have to select one of the table names from the drop-down list, or can I create an entirely new table?  There is nothing in the drop-down for flexible hoses.

I have been trying to create a new table, and just naming it FLEX_HOSE, but once I do that, I Select the FLEX_HOSE table, then Add new component: FLEXIBLE_HOSE

But once created, Catalog Editor creates a PIPE table, and places the FLEXIBLE_HOSE component there, and not in the FLEX_HOSE table I had previously created.

At first I just blew this off, and went through the process of building my catalog.  There are only 6 sizes, so it wasn't too much work to add all the data.  Once entered, I added the catalog to my SPEC.mdb.  Everything looked fine.

I went into my model and tried to place a Flex Hose:

and OPM said:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Rahul, before you reply and tell me to submit an SR, I am already doing it as we speak.  My intention here was to reach out to the User Community.  The fact that I even need to submit an SR just to be able to place a common component into a model is indicative of a larger problem with OPM in general, but I digress...