Seeking latest release notes for OpenPlant Isometrics Manager 10010023

Can you please point me to the release notes for the latest OPIM release? For version 10010023.

The website and FTP only contain links to old information about previous releases. Specifically I'm looking for what has changed in this latest release 10010023.



Edit: I am aware of the older versions of this document located in various places throughout Bentley's website and FTP. Please do not post older readme's as I am specifically looking for the version which pertains to the latest release of version, released on 7/20/2018.

Edit2: It is strange that a large software company like Bentley would have such an amateurish, chaotic website. It has been like this for as long as I can remember. This document should be easier to find, and there are many examples of more organized layouts out there. Please consider a redesign, and maybe make it a little more cohesive, uniform, and intuitive.

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