OpenPlant Spec-Gen Material (mat_grade) - SpecGen-Settings.mdb

Hi All, I can't be the first to do this so I hope there is a manageable work around,

So I've been building specs in AutoPLANT for 20 odd years, and I'm finally moving over to OpenPlant Spec-Gen with the old AutoPLANT specs/Catalogs to convert and use in OPM

Catalogs - I can see that there is an exchange for AutoPLANT to OpenPlant catalogs, which seems to strip out a lot of fields in the catalog's that are not required, and yes I had to fix the mm as per another post.

Specs - I don't see anything except the Upgrade to OpenPlant that adds the extra field into each Spec. I can open an old AutoPLANT spec in OP Spec-Gen and then assign a new OP Class Name but then part of the filter disappears, mat_grade.  Previous in AutoPLANT it use the SpecGen-Settings.mdb to read the list of materials and then you could use this to build long descriptions in AutoPLANT.  But I can't see this in OpenPlant the field is missing and all of my descriptions use this field.

Below shows the AutoPLANT spec as it is loaded in OP Spec-gen then after the CLASS has been selected the fields that don't exist are removed including Mat_Grade which in AutoPLANT is not sourced from the Catalog.

I hope the answer is not to rebuild all of these specs again, or create catalogs from the AutoPLANT specs.

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