Bentley Promis.e/Project Manager/Using Modify Option of .dgn - I accidentally moved off-sheet the 'ENTRY' form heading that enabled me to enter the Page Description details for that sheet, How do I get it back to allow me to modify again? Screensho

Hello Bentley Community,

Has anyone come across the following?

I'm using Bentley product 'Promis.e' (Version Details below).

Upon using the 'Modify' button (via Project Manager) on right clicking on one of my .dgns, I accidentally moved off-sheet (removed completely) the Heading (next to 'Name' as attached, poorly highlighted in red! - Named 'entry' as shown attached below, from the Manual, page 30/130 of pdf, [picture of form box 28/130 of pdf] Under 'New Page Dialog' section) to enable me to enter the 'Page Description' for that sheet using Promis.e (I drag and dropped the heading) I quickly noticed the mouse icon changing to an 'X', but I accidently let go! Does anyone know how I would get it back? Do I need to reinstall Promis.e again? Or modify my .upf/user file, is there possibly a reset command within the Menu for this issue?

Note: I believe you can have this issue with a number of scenarios, i.e. moving headings off-sheet, not just the "Project Manager, 'Modify' form box" i.e. The X comes up also when I use Device ID one of the Headings e.g. Part Number. 

I have since closed Promis.e and tried to see if it restored, but there must be a setting that remembers these type of settings.

I remember I asked this from the Promis.e Fundamentals V8I (Select Series 7) Training I had a while back (21st-23rd March 2018), I believe the Trainers name is Lawrence. but I may have not written down the solution.

Please advise if you require further information to assist.

Kind Regards, Ben.