line number tag population

I wish to populate the raw opim isometric with the line number tag.

Modelling in AutoPLANT V8I SS8 2016.

OPIM for isometric generation.

When creating an isometric from, for example , PIPE LINE "100-WW-01234"  (100 BEING THE SIZE, WW BEING THE SERVICE AND 01234 BEING THE LINE NUMBER)....I wish the isometric to populate the line number tag in the title block with : "-XX-WW-01234".

Is anyone able to enlighten me on the proceedure?.

thanks to anyone with an answer.

  • Hello Paul,

    Thank you for raising your concern in OpenPlant Communities.

    Can you please refer below Wiki Article, hope it will give some idea.

    If you still facing any problem, we would like to suggest you log Service Request.

    Regards | Jaya

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for raising your concern in Plant Forum.

    In AutoPLANT Modeler, while we internally export the model to OPIM. There is an option to set the Naming rule for Isometrics as highlighted in the image below.

    We have edited the rule according to your requirements. 

    We have tested the same on our end and following is the output.

    Hope this helps. 

    Regards | Swapnil Joshi

    Answer Verified By: Paul Davey