Bentley Openplant Server to Cloud Transition Issues



We are a small engineering company that produces drawing documents and are having some issues with file management and file pathing in Bentley Openplant modeler and Microstation.  Traditionally we had a physical server and had a  batch file system that would work out of a drive.  That drive could be mapped to any project folder.  Each project folder had the same structure including border files for that project, drawings, drawing references, ETC…  When opening a drawing from a project folder, the references were already mapped to that drawing and would be found by Openplant modeler and displayed when the drawing was opened.  We have now transitioned to OneDrive and the batch files no longer work.  In addition to the batch files no longer working if I reference a file manually and one of my coworkers were to open the drawing later, the reference file would not be found because the file path starts with each individual users username.  For example this would be my file path C:\Users\cmills\ _CADD\C-01 - General Construction  and this would be my coworkers file path to the same location C:\Users\jdoe\ _CADD\C-01 - General Construction .  Therefore when a coworker opens a drawing with a reference I attached, Openplant does not find that reference.  Thanks for the help.