Autoplant SS8 issues (


We have recently upgraded to Autoplant SS8 ( ( with Acad 2016

We came across following issues:

1. PXF import/export : When we are using SS4 PXF import and export was very smooth.In SS8 version once we import PXF, whole connectivity in piping model lost. Don't know what Bentley upgraded in this one .

2. OPIM: a) Does not give ant error code if ISo fails , Same was available on Isogen

               b) Default Isometric set us is worst, Same very well in Isogen

               C) Process of Isometrics extraction takes more time than Isogen.

3. Move/Strech: When stretch or sometimes move , Data points remains at orginal location

I am very much concern about Isometric extraction, Not sure what advantage we gain after upgrade with OPIM?

For PXF issue I think this should have been tested, before throwing on user.    

  • Hello Sandip,

    Thank you for the live meeting.

    1. For PXF related issue we have already provided the resolution, please discuss with Mr. Ranveer Singh. 

    2. For Isometrics Performance related to issue please create a Service Request so that we can take this over on priority.

    3. We are not facing any issue in using the Strech and Move operation of AutoPLANT Modeler.

    -Regards | Swapnil Joshi