How to create plane?


I`m pretty new to OpenPlant Modeler and having problems finding basic stuff. Like how you create Origin or how to Place a plane? Is there a tutorial I can use?

We use building model as reference and we place other components such as pipes and equipment. I need to create multiple elevation planes based on the referenced plant model.

How I do that?

Thank you.

  • Hi Alex,

    To create a new origin please find the below mentioned wiki article which is for MicroStation but will work for OpenPlant Modeler as well.

    There is also a forum link for a similar requirement.

    To add planes to confine the drawing we have Clip Volume Tool. Kindly refer the wiki article mentioned below which would help you regarding the same.

    Regards | Swapnil Joshi

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  • Hi Alex,

    We have investigated your concern further and have found a perfect article which would guide you to create a new origin or place a plane.

    Kindly follow the same and let us know if you require any more help.

    Swapnil Joshi

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