Substitute 3D equipment object with 2D symbol when creating a layout drawing

Hi, we are using OpenPlant and BRCM to 3D model our Transformer Platforms, and to route cables we need to put all of the equipment inside the 3D model. Having done that we would like to generate all Plant Layouts directly from the 3D model rather than do the work twice and trying to keep 2D in sync manually with 3D. This means that the 3D component needs to change how it looks on the 2D extraction, example a 3D motor would display on the 2D drawing as a Circle with the letter M inside it etc. Is it possible to configure the tools to automatically substitute the 3D object with its associated 2D symbol when the 2D layout is extracted? Thanks, Paul

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  • Hello Paul, 

    Thanks for posting  your Query on Plant Forum!

    You mean to say you need to extract 2D drawing from 3D drawing modeled? From 3D Model you can extract 2D drawings using OpenPlant Orthographics Manager. Please see below wiki article to check the processes. 


    Any further requirement like aligning a particular cell can used instead of any component.


    Rahul Kumar
    Product Engineer | Community Moderator

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