Spool piece, With Backing Flanges.

Is it possible to place a Spool piece with flared ends and backing ring.

The component should be a unit comprising of Flared spool piece and two rotating backing flanges.

Also the COMP_LEN should be adjustable (User input) 

Component should place as one Item.

Currently this is achieved by using Stub, Pipe and Backing rings.

This results in five items on BOM Not one as required.

See attached Image.

  • Dear Mark,

    Thanks for posting your query on Plant Forum!

    If you need it widely to be used in Project, this should get logged as Enhancement item. Please log a service Request for this item. 

    However, you may contact Bentley Professional services team to arrange a script and provide it you for ready reference use, which can be used as paid services. 


    Rahul Kumar
    Product Engineer | Community Moderator

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