Lined pipe spools as each in OPIM BOM

We are using AutoPLANT with OPIM.  In one of our projects we have AT_PLINE_PIPE spools, some of which are flanged and some are not.  The flanged spools accumulate as a count in the iso BOM while the non flanged spools accumulate as a total length.  We would like the non flanged spools to accumulate as a count as well.  Since the flanged spools already accumulate this way it leads me to believe that the accumulation method is dictated by the spool's end conditions.  I looked in the schema but can't tell where this is controlled.  How can I get non flanged AT_PLINE_PIPE spools to accumulate as a count rather than length in the OPIM BOM?

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  • I figured it out.  Here's how I ended up getting it to work:

    - Use a Weld Value Map to map AutoPLANT end code FLR (Victaulic Rubber End) to the VICTAULIC_PLAIN_END property.

    - Change the scaler and symbol for pipe so that all lined components export as PIPE-FIXED and use a PIPE + IM.EndPrepMap() symbol

    Scaler: IIf(this.MODULE = "at_pline", "FIXEDPIPE,1", IIf(IM.MapText("PIPE" & IM.EndPrepMap()) = "PIPE","PIPE,1","FIXEDPIPE,1"))

    Symbol: IIf(this.MODULE = "at_pline", "PIPE" & IM.EndPrepMap(), IIf(IM.MapText("PIPE" & IM.EndPrepMap()) = "PIPE","PIPE","PIPE" & IM.EndPrepMap()))

    -Since FLR is now mapped to PE create a couple of new symbols:  One for PIPEBW_PE and one for TEEPE_PE_FL

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