How can I create a ECExpression that take de pipeline diameter?

Hello Masters of OP  ; )

I´ve to create a way to put in a field the name of my pipe system.

the tag names here are formed by:


NUMBER: 1234



and, if existis, INSULATION: Ii

For example:

A pipe of cooling water (WaCl), with the number 2325, in the carbon steel specification (CS2), with 20 inches of nominal diameter and not isolated.

This results in: WaCl-2325-CS2-20".

ok, well I belive that is an possible solution:

this.SERVICE & "-" & this.NUMBER & "-" & this.SPECIFICATION & "-" & this.NOMINAL_DIAMETER& "-" & "´´"

to be edited in the EcExpression in the NAME properties of the Iso Sheet class (i want to show this on the isometric sheet).

Well, obviously, its not work at all...

so... I need some help, please...

and oh! thanks a lot!