Single monitor, no dialog...

So, I'm working in OPM at home, where I have only a single monitor. When I open the Pipeline Manager dialog, it is on my second monitor (at work I have three). We used to be able to go into the registry and change the "Left" value of dialogs to bring them back on the single screen. I've looked through the registry and can't find anything seemingly related to the Pipeline Manager dialog. I can't seem to find any other way of changing the value to get that dialog back on my screen. Anyone else have this issue? (It's been around for a long time!)

  • Hi Robb, 

    Thanks for posting your query on Plant Forum!

    few suggestions here which worked for few users and you may try: 

    1. From Task Manager -> Click on OpenPlant Modeler and pull out to Front. 
    2. Changing window settings (Win + P) and set multiple screen to single one and then try re-opening Application. 
    3. Re-start application.


    Rahul Kumar
    Product Engineer | Community Moderator

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