Supports in isometrics openplant modeler, openplant support engineering, isometric manager

Hi there

I am trying to extract an isometric of a pipeline with supports, we are using the Connect version for isometric manager, openplant support engineering and openplant modeler


I have a pipeline with two isometrics

I put three supports with OPSE as normally I do in V8i version, then, as the document recommend, ( ), I keyin BESM SETTMATRIX.


Then I came back to Openplant Modeler, reference the support file and I have tried to extract the isometrics that I created before.

The result was

I opened the l00 file of the isometric that failed and look for the id 12 and 14,

I could see that the problem are the supports, but the real problem is that this supports are in the isometric that was correctly generated. (I compare the Guid number from the l00 file from both isometrics)

When I placed the supports in the pipeline I first placed in the isometric that was correctly generated.


So, the main question is, am I doing something wrong or is it a problem with the software?