Data Manager views - Read-only columns


When ever a view has a column header containing the string "TAG", from the table column name or alias, that column becomes read-only even if it has the read-only toggle unchecked. This seems to be an undocumented feature in Data Manager. I could understand for columns like "TAG_NO" but in our case, we have a column "RATED_VOLTAGE" that we'd like to be able to edit.

Another example is the column TAG_NOA (from tables TAG_REG and INSTR) that we've aliased "ALTERNATIVE NAME". This column cannot be edited because the table column name contains the string "TAG".

Does anybody know how to disable this feature or even if it's possible do so?



  • Hello Alain, 

    This is little strange. However we are in discussion on it. Will update soon or you may expect other analyst to comment if any ready answers. 


    Rahul Kumar
    Manager, Facilities Engineering | Community Moderator

  • Hello Alain,

    Thank you for this information. I have checked and reproduced same issue and saw how Colum is set be read only right after creating it in DOC_REG table.  I have created Defect Report # 1009326 and informed our Development team about such issue.

    Unfortunately currently now I haven't found any possible solution. On My testing I saw that it is enough to create such Column with name which contains TAG string and then in Data manager this column is automatically set as read only.

    I am waiting for  response from our Development team and will update you about any possible workaround.

    Kestutis Mitkus
    Product Engineer - Bentley Systems

    Best Regards,
    Kestutis Mitkus

    Product Engineer – Bentley Systems