Wacky spool numbering with latest OPIM: What are the settings to duplicate the behavior of Isogens (before the rug was pulled out from under us on that)?

What are the settings to achieve the exact same spool numbering as Isogens (OOBE with last version before it was pulled), using the latest version of OPIM/AutoPLANT OOB?



Edit: I used the guide here:communities.bentley.com/.../how-to-enable-openplant-isometrics-manager-to-read-autoplant-spool-number which sadly yields no spool numbers at all, so a little bit worse than standard OPIM. I am still interested in duplicating the out-of-box spool numbering of any of the previous versions of AutoPLANT with came with Isogens, if anyone has any additional ideas. Thanks again.

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