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when I edit/change a long description using update components facility, the descriptions no longer match the components.

Would somebody please do a check to see if they can re-create as well.

Use out of the box AP project, in my case SAMPLE METRIC

create new drawing.

Piping > Setup > Component update preferences > component field selection > LONG_DESCR > Add > to "Fields To Include"

use out of the box spec, in my case Mcs150, 100mm.

make simple spool, 4 bends, joined by pipe, flanged either end.

now update components

Database Tools > Update Components > select objects (select all components) > Component Properties > 

Properties To Update > LONG_DESCR

select pipe description (PIPE, SCH 40), change to new value (PIPE,SMLS A106B SCH 80)

OK to accept changes.

Now check changes, using Edit Component.

In my case the flanges and the elbows had the new piping description.

ACAD 2017, V8i SS8, Access 2016, Windows 7