Survey Feet and BRCM CE

Our organization is planning to move all DGN file operations from International Feet to U.S. Survey Feet.  Design file settings will change as shown:

Master units: FEET   --->  U.S. SURVEY FEET
Sub-Units:    INCHES --->  U.S. SURVEY INCHES
Resolution:   12000 PU/FOOT ---> 12000 PU/U.S. SURVEY FOOT

We will have to convert our customized files and resources:
-- Design files
-- Cell libraries
-- Seed files
-- Border files (DGN)
-- DgnLib's

As for the BRCM application:

1.  Will the application work correctly with design files having Survey Feet working units and storage units.

2.  Are there configuration files and resources that also have to be converted to U.S. Survey Feet?  Are there variables or other settings that will need adjusting?  Do we to adjust the application's:
-- cell libraries
-- dgnlib's
-- seed files
-- cfg files
-- xml files
-- macros
-- databases

3.  Anything else?