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AUTOPLANT Modeler: VIctaulic not connecting

In all attemps to join any Victaulic component to the second end of a Victaulic ELBOW, Autoplant fails to connect;

Here are the details...

1. Placement of AT_ELBOW90_LR100   SUCCESS

2.Placement of AT_IPS_PIPE to one end of the ELBOW90_LR100   SUCCESS

3.Placement of AT_IPS_PIPE (or whatever component) to other end of the ELBOW90_LR100  FAIL!!!

Autoplant says it cannot find a component compatible with the connecting port data, which are End Condition=IGM and Nominal Size=6.

But there is one, obviously because it succeeded in placing the first one.and I double checked in the spec anyways.

Note that AT_IPS_PIPE are the only component that you can connect on BOTH sides.

I checked in JONTS.INI and PORTS.INI files bit could not find anything irrelevant.

Thanks for helping !

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