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openplant PID 文件与项目同步出现问题

打开openplant PID文件时出现这种情况,文件的所有项目信息不再显示了。怎么能够恢复?

  • Hello Walter Lee,

    Thank you for posting your query in Bentley Communities. We would like to know that is your concern related to the snapshot of the error dialog box that you have shared with us. Or there is some other concern relating to it.

    With context of the Error dialog box, the dialog box is prompting us to Select the Correct Project for the file like for e.g:- If you have an "IMPERIAL" unit PID Document then it should be launched in the correct Project of unit "IMPERIAL".

    It would be great if you could share your direct contact details and the country you are in.
    Do update us about your concern.  

    Devendra Warke
    Bentley Systems